Dear diary!


I am in the USA now. But Iím alone. Itís so terrible, but let me start to explain with last Friday. First, mom, dad Ben and me were lucky, because an old man took us with a truck near the border. But then the most terrible part began. It was dark and cold and we were scared and hungry but nevertheless we had to be quiet. ďDonít speak! Donít make any noises!Ē mum whispered. We heard dogs, but our dream to go to the USA was bigger than the fear, the hunger bigger than whatever. Ben had tears in his eyes but it seemed as if he was too embarrassed to cry. Then we heard the noise of a jeep and we saw a bright light. Mum began to cry and I think that was the last time I saw mom and the last time I heard her voice: ďNo, please. I have two children!Ē

I canít describe what I felt. I was scared, but shocked too. I was angry but sad too. Two men with a car, three men with dogs, and helicopter came over to us, with very loud voices they shouted, but the dogs, the jeeps and the helicopter were too loud and I couldnít understand the men. It was like a nightmare and I canít remember everything clearly, but I know that I hid myself behind something. Iíve wanted to cry, but I mustnít. The border patrol would have heard me. Dad and me. Alone behind a big tree or whatever it was. They took Ben and mom into their jeep and I still donít know what happened to them. After the noises from the dogs and the jeeps had disappeared, dad and me sat, nevertheless, for a long time on the cold sand. I think it was the shock. But dad didnít want to give up. Stand up and follow me! he said. I followed him. Without saying anything we walked aimlessly without a destination. All of a sudden stopped: Mariah? I canít believe it! Look! Dad showed me a wire. And, unbelievably, in front of the wire there was a hole. Hurry up! Go on Mariah. Try to crawl through the hole!

Dad and I crawled through the hole. We were in the USA. Really! We were so happy. We walked to a road where women took us with a car to a village. We thought we were lucky, but after 10 minutes of walking through the village, a gang of eight guys with guns shouted: Your money!

Dad answered: We have nothing, really! But that didnít interest these guys. ďMoney or the girl! they shouted. No, please. Sheís only 14. No! No!

But one of the boys took me and said: Either you give us some money or you will never see her again!

Suddenly, dad tried to hit one of the boys, but he fell on the floor and the guy shot at him. Dad died. I was so desperate and I tried to run away, but a boy ran after me and tried to catch me. I was tired, but I ran. I donít know if he wanted to kill or rape me, but I know that he wanted to do something terrible. Now I am sitting here all alone. I slept behind a house. Itís morning and everything seems so bright. I hope I will find somebody who can help me. (Written by: Susan)