Here I am now, two miles before I arrive at the American border. Iím pretty sure that everything will be great. Iíll get money, Iíll become famousÖ all the things I have ever dreamed of will become true. It wasnít that easy to leave my family and my whole life in Mexico, but I wanted to get to know the American Dream.

Now the border appears far away and I begin to ask myself, if it was the right decision I made. Was it right to leave my family? Was it right to go away while my father was going to die? I know he need my help but it canít be wrong to go away if I want to get a chance to survive. If Iíll get a bit of money I can support.

Thereís the border just 100 metres away. I hear plenty of cars and helicopters, but I canít see anything. Itís dark, cold and I become extremely nervous. I hide behind a tree just 10 metres away from the border. Now I can see the cars and helicopters, moreover, behind the border, there are officers with dogs. What are they looking for? Are they here to catch the illegal immigrants?
I can see a family trying to climb over the border on the right and on the left a man with his dog. On the American side of the border, the border patrol officers are putting a woman violently on a bus. The woman with the children I saw a few minutes ago were also caught by the patrol. Iím really scared, but I have to manage because of the poverty in my family and I have to help them. The patrol drives away and there arenít any helicopters left. I think itís my chance to climb over the border fence as soon as I canít hear and see anything. I run as fast as I can and climb up the fence. Now I am on the other side and Iím unbelievably happy. Now I can find out about the American Dream. But whatís that? I hear a noise just 5 metres away. I think the patrol is coming back. I try to run away, but they drive with cars and I havenít a chance to escape, I know, but I run, I have to support my family. They scream: Stop moving! And again: Stop Moving. but I run faster. They take out their guns to shoot. Ah Ė the one hit me. I fall. The officers come and laugh. ďWe said Ėstop!Ėď, one of them says and they laugh and laugh and laugh.

 (Written by: Marcella)