The wire

 Iím standing here at the wire with my friend Christine. Itís very cold and we freeze. Our whole bodies are shaking. Weíre afraid and we want to go back home to our parents, our sisters and brothers and our dogs. But our parents said that we should go to this wire, they said itís better for us, because our families are very poor. They said they were poor and we had no future if we stayed at home. But I donít think so, here are many people who come on horses and huge jeeps. They have guns and wear frightening goggles. They collect many people and put them into dirty trucks and they ride away. I donít know to what place. I donít think that itís a good place but I hope it for all these people and for me and Christine.

Over there is an old, weak man, he looks very ill. The border patrol put him into a truck. They man cries out loud: ďRun away! If you stay here, they are going to kill you! Run away! Save yourselves, Iím old, my life is over, you are young and your life is just beginning! Run away!Ē A man of the border patrol shouts at the man in the truck. The truck drives away. Itís very sad to see how a man rides into death. Maybe Christine and I are in the next truck which rides to death. But maybe we are lucky and the border patrol donít see us here behind these rocks. In this area, everything looks very sad with the hungry and thirsty people who are very scared. They donít know what happens to them. There are many men who have a family at home and the men want to get a better work to get more money to offer their families a better life. This area looks like a prison with many innocent people.

Christine begins to cry. I ask her why she is crying. She shows to the other side of the street. Thereís a family with two kids. The woman holds a little girl in her hands, the girl is at most four years old. The woman shakes the girl but the little girl doesnít move. Shesís dead. Sheís very thin and probably she died because she hadnít eaten anything for three or four days.
Christine and I we hate this area and we decide to run away, away from this bad and dirty world. We run back home and weíre sure that weíll never go back to this horrible wire. Our families are very happy that weíre back. We tell them the story about the old weak man and the little dead girl. Our parents are shocked. (Written by: Anja)