While browsing on www.visitflorida.com/experience answer the following questions!

Don't be irritated if you don't understand each and every word ... just look for the information you need to answer the questions. The headlines in italics help to to find the information you need!


How long is the coastline of Florida?

What happens on the 4th of July?


Diving and Sknorkeling

What are the English words for “Taucherbrille” and “Schwimmflossen”?


Attractions / Sea World

What is a “Pre-schooler”?


Attractions / Disney’s Animal Kingdom

What is a petting zoo?


Attractions / Kennedy Space Center

What is the English word for “Comic-Figur”?

What can you do at the “Visitor Complex”?



What is so special about New Year’s Eve in Miami?


Outdoors and Nature

What does “Equestrian” mean?

What does “Hiking” mean?

What effect does the “Gulf Stream” have for surfers?

Surfing Schools – Why should you start on “longboards”?